Vegetarian weight loss diet plan: How to lose weight as a vegetarian or vegan

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Even though I have been mostly vegetarian for nearly two decades now I have never had to worry about my figure. Nevertheless is this also due to circumstances and other factors in life why I did not have to worry about my figure. Today I will show you how and what to eat if you want to lose weight.

I have been eating vegetarian food for almost two decades, in the beginning almost only vegan, later I ventured back milk and eggs and now I also eat a little fish now and again.

Losing weight as a vegetarian: What does it entail?

1. Is a diet really necessary?

Before I became a vegetarian I was not fat, but maybe a little pudgy – today I would say I had a “pig face” from eating too much baloney sandwiches. This may sounds strange, but the fact is that you can actually see if people eat a lot of meat or not. Also I have been addressed by people that they were sure that I was a vegetarian (the person looked at my aura) – and I’m not particularly esoteric nor do I see look it from the way I look or dress like a hippie – there seems to be something to it – your whole presence changes because of the diet and also your figure. My daily diet is completely vegetarian, besides the occasional chocolate during stressful periods, which is my only vice. Often when I read diet tips in a magazine I feel amused, because these special diets meals they suggest are what I would consider a normal daily meal.

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2. What do I eat?

For breakfast:

I also eat some times a tiramisu or a chocolate bar, but because this piece is about weight loss it works better if you do not eat any sweet or other fattening foods. One exception: high content, which means at least 60% dark chocolate.
It is also claimed to prevent cancer and has so little fat and healthy when compared to regular chocolate bars, that you may indulge yourself with a bar sometimes.

For breakfast I would suggest: If you are serious about weight loss: A large glass of “normal” water to wake up the body. Then only fruit, e.g. sliced ​​apples, bananas (not too dark, darker bananas contain more sugar) or mangoes for breakfast.
As an alternative: Dark, whole bread with cream cheese. It does not have to be a diet product, but be careful with applying not too much. You can also eat tomatoes or cucumber on bread and season it with a few herbs, like chives. Sources of protein such as cottage cheese and (soy) yoghurt are delicious for breakfast, are suitable but also very good in the evening, since protein reportedly boosts the evening fat production. For breakfast, I recommend a glass of freshly pressed orange juice and coffee with the best soy milk because it has less fat than cow’s milk!

3. Noon:

Ideally a salad with lots of vegetables (the more colourful, the more vitamins) tossed in with a little olive oil, pine nuts or sunflower seeds. Since you can throw in what you like, for example also corn but also beans, legumes (rich in protein!) and of course peppers and tomatoes. If you like to spice it up a little add some sheep cheese cut in cubes. Be careful not to eat white bread next to it because that is fattening. Just as taboo: dressing. Instead make some yoghurt-water lemon dressing at home or a small shot of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Be careful not to drown the salad. If you want to eat something warm: vegetable dishes are great. Vegetables (like tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, etc.) in a little olive oil and fry lightly.

Then give a dish whole wheat or spelled pasta. It’s delicious. Olive oil is okay, the body needs too, but no more than a tablespoon a day. Cream should also be done in moderation. What vegetarian diet is to lose weight? Instead of a real diet for vegetarians, I would recommend being conscious about what kind of food you purchase. It’s obvious that with fried fries or even with salads drowned in oil you will help you with losing weight.

4. Instead of frying bake! Also very good for your figure and health, brown rice, potatoes or cereal / vegetable burgers, the latter of course only if they are not fried in fat, rather put them into the oven and bake. Baking is also a good alternative to all dishes that are usually drowning in fat like fries, which are definitely not recommended when being on a diet.

5. Roughage. Fibre boost the natural way of the bowels and are an effective source of help for constipation. They also wash out toxins, pollutants, substances fermentation and rotting substances, and the still undigested fats from the body and contribute enormously good for blood lipid levels.

6. Sources of protein.

Dairy products are a good source of protein. Cow’s milk can be replaced by soy milk well, you will quickly get used to the new taste.

7. Recipe suggestions. The basic human need for protein is often overestimated.
Important sources of protein for vegetarians besides vegetables and cereals (ex including quinoa and millet) and nuts, legumes and soy. I personally love in soy sauce seared tofu, I just spice with dry French or Italian mixed herbs. This I eat sautéed in soy sauce and orange juice and carrot pieces and maybe some wild rice.

8. TABOOS – What you shouldn’t eat in addition to meat and meat products:
Quick soluble carbohydrates such as white bread, polished rice, sugar, sweets, cakes (except maybe a piece of low-calorie and low-fat carrot cake) and sweet drinks. No sodas, etc.! Even Coke light is taboo, that is not healthy. Better is a diluted fruit juice, but even those contain rich calories.

9. Instead:
Complex carbohydrates such as those contained in salads, raw vegetables, fruit and vegetables, potatoes and whole grains, you may enjoy. Tip: brewer’s yeast (this is not only found in beer, but also in health food stores nicely packed in bags) yeast promotes glucose utilization in the energy production process. It is also good for skin, hair and nails, as it contains all the B vitamins (important not only during pregnancy) and that is important for the metabolism of carbohydrates.

10. Sports / exercise
In addition to lose weight fresh air and at least moderate exercise (lots of walking, which increases the basal metabolic rate!), Swimming, walking, etc. will work well.

11. Drink, drink, drink!
Also extremely important: drink a lot, not only reduces it the hunger but also detoxifies the body. Best unsweetened teas, such as green tea, mate tea, nettle tea are (drained) and fasting tea, etc. and of course, lots of water, preferably still water.
2 litres a day is an absolute minimum, but ideally you drink much more that acts as a cure..

Tips and Tricks

Avoid fast soluble carbohydrates, so no white bread!
If possible, no sugar, honey better times, if need be!
Cow’s milk substitute soy milk – at least from time to time.
Lots of drinking water.
At snack, helps a vegetable. but please even cooked, the prepared ones contains too much salt.

Olive oil is fine, but please, no mayonnaise!




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